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Our canvas prints are a combination of high quality canvas fabric and an Canon latex ink rendition of your photo stretched over one of our hand-crafted wooden frame. Choose a size, the thickness of your canvas print, and add a compelling edge with a premium framework.

reasons why customers love our Photo Canvas Prints

  • Customisable with individualised edge designs and easel back.
  • Hand-stretched canvas over our quality wooden frame.
  • Vivid hues and excellent image sharpness.
  • Special latex inks with UV protection.

olded Edge

Just like with classic art canvas, your photo print on canvas is stretched to fit the frame perfectly. During the image selection process, make sure that none of the essential elements of your photo are located too close to the edges.

Mirrored Edge

Your image can be seen in its full glory on the front side of the canvas print. The outer edge of your photo is then copied, inverted, and added to the frame after the main print is already completed.

Stretched Edge

For this type of canvas print, the outermost pixels of your photo are stretched in length and applied all around the outer edge of the frame. Your image is visible in its entirety on the front side of the canvas.

White Edge

With this type of edge, the outermost lining of your chosen photo is not printed at all. Instead, a white edge is added to the folded sides of your photo canvas, which actually strengthens and highlights your image.

Black Edge

Your image is printed only on the front of the canvas while a black edge is applied to the sides of the photo canvas print later on. The black outer line wonderfully complements most environments and adds a pop of contrast!

Additional information

Product Size

20×20 Classic, 20×20 LITE, 30×20 Classic, 30×20 LITE, 30×30 Classic, 30×30 LITE, 40×30 Classic, 40×30 LITE, 40×40 Classic, 40×40 LITE, 50×40 Classic, 50×40 LITE, 60×30 Classic, 60×30 LITE, 60×50 Classic, 60×50 LITE, 60×60 Classic, 60×60 LITE, 80×80 Classic, 80×80 LITE


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